Blogs are hard...

I am the worst at updating this blog! When i'm busy, i'm too busy to update it and when i'm not, its the furthest thing from my mind.

This year was a hard one for Limited Addition, Adam overfilled his plate with so many other important obligations that I had to make up for it by overfilling mine with food. Sitting at home gaining 20lbs and getting REALLY good at video games. 

2017 is winding down and what a weird ride its been. In spring, we attended the Make it Show and the Mini Maker Faire here in Vancouver at the PNE and that was a real eye opener for a couple of small fish from the island coming over to the big pond. We met and fell in love with Jenna Herbut and her amazing team who organized the events and afterwards, for the first time we saw our "beer money" business as a real potential business. We immediately signed up for the Christmas Make it Show in Vancouver and because Adam would be away for the Calgary and Edmonton shows I was hesitant to sign up to do them myself but reluctantly did. 

After leaving my Government job 5 years ago, Ive been successfully "self" employed ever since. I have multiple online businesses and have always enjoyed what i do, but working at home comes with a cost. Ive become one with my house. I started to hate being social. Somedays, leaving the house at all started to give my small panic attacks. So for me to do these HUGE shows by myself was a major undertaking but I wanted to challenge myself. I was excited to see and stay with old friends in Calgary but as far as everything else, terrified...

That didn't last long...

I made a friend day one. Which is so weird to say... Im a married adult, I don't make friends. But deep down i knew i needed that. Without Adam or my family around I needed to know that if something funny or weird happened, I had someone I could look at and laugh with about it. After that, I met the rest of my neighbours... Again, more friends. And as I walked around meeting everyone, talking to like minded makers my whole body relaxed. And by the time i was done setting up i was pretty pumped to start the fucking show!

Calgary was a great show, it had it's first snowfall (something i'm not used to on the island, real snow!) and the people were amazing. I loved Ubering back to my friends house at the end of each day to catch up and talk about the amazing time I was having. After the weekend ended, I continued the drive to Edmonton and parked our van and equipment and flew home to anxiously await the next show in two weeks. That time was spent telling my wife about all the amazing things I did, friends I had made and things I had seen. "Where the fuck has this guy been for that last 5 years??" was her response. 

Edmonton... I had a checklist of things that could go wrong. One by one, they all surprised me by going right. Is the van still here? Check! Does it start?? Check! Does it run??? Check! Did my artwork survive 2 weeks in minus 20???? Another Check! As I walked in to set up my booth I was immediately greeted by all my new "Makie" friends. I found out that not only were they staying in my hotel but they had put us all on the same floor and some of my closest new friends were literally neighbours! Adam flew out to help at this show and I was excited to introduce him to all my new friends even making more friends with every new person we met and spoke with. Every person had a new story, struggle, triumph and I couldn't get enough of it. I had never been in such a like minded group before. Catching a conversation and jumping in with my two cents because i knew exactly what they were talking about and vice versa. A group of us went out for dinner and drinks, solidifying our friendship talking shop and networking all night... I was in heaven. We even talked about getting a Maker AirBNB together when we got to the Vancouver show... 

Tragedy stuck on the drive home... Our faithful van died just outside of Edmonton as we were leaving late Sunday night. I knew that the time and money to fix it wouldn't be worth it and we had to leave it in the parking lot of a hotel just outside of Edmonton. Luckily we got a rental van first thing in the morning and raced home just in time to make the last ferry that night!

I returned home with even better stories this time. My wife was excited to see that old spark in my eyes and did her best to remember all the names of the people i'd met and connect them to the stories I had to tell. Two down, one to go!

Ah, Vancouver.... Makie hostel was a go! After set up we went grocery shopping and filled our Airbnb with all the essentials to keep us going for the busy show. Speaking of busy shows... OMFG Vancouver, elbow to elbow people for 4 days straight! If you left your booth for coffee, you'd kiss 20 minutes goodbye! I did a lot of that, with Adam around, I was free to run food and drinks to all my new friends who couldn't leave their booths. With so many new friends it was almost a full time job. Being closer to home meant my wife could come out on Saturday and meet all these people she had heard so much about. Poor thing was getting whiplash as I dragged her around to meet everyone and I could see her trying to connect the dots of faces to names. 

Luckily my wife was still there that night when we went out for drinks to confirm it was a good idea for all of us to get tattoos to mark the occasion. It didn't take long to decide on a design.

Just one word : MAKER 

For the first time in a long time, everything is just clicking into place and couldn't be happier. There is no greater high than successfully completing the tasks you put in front of yourself. 

How was that for a blog post??? Writing this was very therapeutic, I couldn't wait to share my experience. Thats me now, I share stuff. (Actually, I was inspired by one of my new friends newsletter).  


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Maker of friends


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